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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Everyday Paleo by Rose Reisman?

Everyday Paleo is a ready to eat paleo-friendly meal delivery service with a focus on high quality ingredients, flavourful meal options and your convenience. Our paleo focused chefs source well raised protein and local produce to create delicious meals that we deliver right to your door. With a rotating menu of updated and new dishes, our paleo meals and snacks will keep you satisfied with variety to power you through-out your day, without the worry of what to eat next.

Why Should I Eat Paleo?

The term paleo is derived from the Paleolithic era, to describe a way of eating like our ancestors in the stone age once did, coining it the ‘Caveman Diet.’

By consuming a diet consisting mostly of meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds and limited fruits, eating paleo promotes clean eating in a sustainable way. Following a paleo based diet is a long term plan to lowering inflammation, consuming less preservatives and food additives and studies show it can lead to improving blood pressure.

How Much Does Everyday Paleo by Rose Reisman Cost?

We only have a minimum requirement of $90 per order.

When Does Everyday Paleo Deliver?

Everyday Paleo delivers your fresh meals anywhere from 1-2 times a week, depending on your preference. During the checkout process, you may select the frequency of meal delivery based on your preference. Your meals will be delivered between 5pm and 2am.

How Much is Delivery?

We cover your delivery cost on meals once per week, if you would like your meals delivered to you 2 times per week, that is an additional cost. Our deliveries are made on Sundays and/or Wednesdays with varying time slots you will be able to select in the checkout process.

Where Does Everyday Paleo Deliver To?

Everyday Paleo delivers across the GTA.

What If I’m Not Home When Everyday Paleo Delivers?

If you are not around – no problem. Everyday Paleo delivers all meals to your door in a cooler bag with chill packets to keep your food cold for hours. Simply collect your meals when possible and store appropriately.

How Do I Heat My Meals?

We recommend that you reheat your meals in the oven, however a microwave or toaster oven works too! All meals are packaged in compostable containers. Please remove from container before heating.

How Long Will My Meals Last?

Everyday Paleo meals are made to last in your fridge up to 5 days and in your freezer up to several months, depending on the item. Some dishes have a longer ‘keep’ than others, we recommend that fresh fruit or vegetable dishes like salads are consumed sooner as to maintain consistency and freshness. We also suggest that seafood dishes are enjoyed within 1-2 days. For more information, please reach out to us at 647-812-5784 or send us an email at info@everydaypaleo.ca

How Often Does the Menu Change?

Our menu changes every week, so you will always experience new dishes with fresh flavours.

Can You Accommodate My Allergies/Dietary Restrictions?

At this time we do not make modifications to our meals, however we feel we have provided a selection of meals with variety to accommodate gluten allergies, vegan, vegetarian, etc. We also are happy to inform you that our facilities are 100% nut free.

If you have any suggestions or inquiries on our menu, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@everdaypaleo.ca

How Do I Dispose of the Packaging?

Everyday Paleo by Rose Reisman makes every effort to be more environmentally friendly with every meal we make, which is why we have committed to 100% compostable packaging containers surrounding your meals. The packaging base your meal is delivered in can be put directly into your green bin along with your other compostable materials. Please recycle your lids in your recycling bin.

We are working on making all packaging 100% compostable to create a sustainable process from our kitchen to you, mindfully.